Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Elective Ultrasounds at First Choice Imaging


First Choice Imaging offers a full range of sonographic examinations and procedures by highly experienced, registered diagnostic medical sonographers.  We have the newest generation ultrasound machine with precision technology and 4D volume imaging allowing greater clarity and detail when viewing anatomy.

Ultrasound Examinations


Enjoy your experience at Fairbanks Ultrasound in our large comfortable private ultrasound suite. We offer the latest advanced technology and specialize in 3D/4D live imaging. You will find an inviting, caring, family-friendly atmosphere with unbeatable staff. We love what we do and look forward to serving you.


Women’s Imaging

·        Gyn (uterus and ovaries)

·        Infertility evaluation (ovarian follicle count and endometrial thickness)

·        Evaluation of incontinence and the pelvic floor (cystocele, rectocele)

·        Hysterosonography to evaluate the endometrial lining

·        Breast

·        Routine obstetrical ultrasound

·        High risk obstetrical ultrasound

·        Fetal echocardiography

·        Nuchal translucency Screening for Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal anomalies

·        Amniocentesis

·        Cord Doppler, Middle cerebral artery Doppler, Ductus Venous Doppler

·        Biophysical profile scoring

·        3D/4D imaging

Abdominal Imaging

·        Upper abdominal ultrasound

·        Renal ultrasound

·        Gallbladder ultrasound and gallbladder function studies

·        Renal transplant ultrasound

Small Parts Ultrasound

·        Testicular and scrotal contents

·        Thyroid

·        Salivary glands

·        Neck ultrasound

·        Lymph nodes and soft tissue masses

·        Hernia (abdomen and groin)

·        Prostate

·        Rectum

Vascular Ultrasound

·        Adult echocardiography

·        Peripheral vascular arterial

·        Venous

·        Renal artery Doppler

·        ABI

·        Carotid artery Doppler

·        Aorta

·        Vascular screening


·        Hip dysplasia

·        Cranial ultrasound

·        Bowel (Intussusception)

·        Pyloric stenosis


·        Joint effusions

·        Tendon and ligament injuries

·        Rotator cuff tears

·        Muscle tears

·        Popliteal cysts

·        Soft tissue foreign bodies

·        Costochondritis (inflamed rib cartilage)

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